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Crystallia Wedding Registry Tips from Patty Post

"What's the right way to register?" This is the most important question a bride can ask. Creating a registry is a complicated task; it takes more than just walking into a store and quickly filling out a list or adding to an online registry. There are many questions: What should you register for? What about the prices – should you be concerned? How many web sites and/or stores should you register with?

You can start by thinking about what you’ll need for your new home. You will most likely register for basic appliances, cookware, formal and casual china, crystal, flatware, and bed and bath linens. It is important to think into the future about your home and entertaining needs. Now is the time to stock up on fine china and sparkling crystal!

When you register you'll find checklists that contain every conceivable item you could possibly want. Even if you don’t think you need all the items on these lists, it is a very important place to start. There are many things listed that you may not have thought of or had forgotten. Your guests may have a wide range of budgets and personal taste. It is very important to register for a variety of items; include in your registry a traditional crystal vase, bowl or frame, it may become a family heirloom.

We suggest that you register in a national department store and or specialty store as well as online stores that offer wedding registries. Ordering gifts on line is a wonderful solution for out-of-town guests and others who prefer the ease of ordering over the internet. It is important to register for traditional items even if you decide to create a non-traditional registry. Some of your guests will always prefer to shop for traditional wedding gifts in person, or at the very least, at stores they are familiar with rather than exclusively at an ecommerce site.

Studies show that there's no "correct" number of stores to register. Feel free to create as many registries that you want – there is no such thing as too many or too few registries. Your decision should be based on your needs and circumstances. Department stores, Online Stores and smaller retailers may provide everything you need. Whether you live in Alaska, get married in Hawaii and your family is from South America, if you register at a variety of stores you will cover all your bases. By doing so, you will be providing family and friends with a wide range of gift and price choices to purchase that perfect gift.

Make sure you have selected a wide variety of items and price ranges on your registry. Make sure you update your registry as gifts arrive; If necessary you can add additional items to the registry as your wedding gets closer. Finally your guest should feel comfortable in purchasing your wedding gift, don’t insist that guests shop exclusively from your gift registries. Quite often a gift that wasn’t on your registry becomes the gift you cherish the most.

Wedding Registry Dinnerware Check List

Formal Dinnerware
8-12 Place Settings
Accent Plates
Pasta/Soup Bowls
Sugar Bowl
Gravy Boat & Stand
Large Vegetable Bowls
Serving Bowls
Covered Casseroles
Medium Platters
Large Platters

Formal Crystal
same quantities as your china:
Water Goblets
Wine Glasses (Red and White)
Champagne Flutes
Iced Beverage Glasses
Martini Glasses

same quantities as your china:
High Ball Glasses
Double Old Fashioned Glasses
Brandy Glasses
Pilsner Glasses

8-12 Place Settings
Extra Teaspoons
Extra Salad Forks
Cold Meat Server
Serving Spoons
Pierced Tablespoons
Soup Spoons
Sugar Spoon
Butter Knife


Mattress Pads

Casserole Dishes
Roasting Pans
Cookie Sheets
Muffin Pans
Cake & Pie Pans
Pizza Pans
Lasagna/Baking Pans
Bread Pans

Everyday Dinnerware
8-12 Place Settings
Cereal Bowls
Sugar Bowl
Gravy Boat & Stand
Vegetable Bowls
Serving Bowls
Covered Casseroles

Everyday Crystal & Glassware
same quantities as your china:
Tall Beverage Glasses
Double Old Fashioned Glasses
Wine Glasses
Martini Glasses

Everyday Flatware
8-12 Place Settings
Serving Set
Hostess Set
Entertainment Set

Table Linens
same quantities as your china:
Napkin Rings
2 tablecloths

Home Accessories
Frames & Vases
Serving Trays & Bowls

Sauce Pans
Saute Pans
Stockpot/Dutch Oven
Tea Kettle
Steamer/Double Boiler
Wok/Stir Fry Pan
Lasagna/Au Gratin Pan
Casserole Dishes
Omelette Pan