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Most Commonly Asked Questions…

Question: Is Waterford, Wedgwood and/or Royal Doulton going out of business?
Answer: No. Waterford Wedgwood Plc, the parent organization of Waterford Wedgwood USA and Royal Doulton USA is working diligently to restructure the business, while the US divisions continue doing business as usual.

Question: Will products continue to be manufactured?
Answer: Yes. While our parent company reorganizes in Ireland and the UK, production of product will continue.

Question: Will there be delays in getting product?
Answer: We do not anticipate any serious delays in the shipment of merchandise to our US warehouse. In addition, our US warehouse is currently well stocked with the most popular items from all three brands.

Question: Will my pattern be available?
Answer: Yes. There are no plans to modify our current assortment plan while our parent company reorganizes.

Question: Can brides continue to register for Waterford, Wedgwood and Royal Doulton products?
Answer: Yes, we encourage brides and grooms to register for our products, as all registrations will be honored.

Question: Will Waterford, Wedgwood and Royal Doulton continue to stand behind their products as they have done in the past?
Answer:Yes, the quality, design and craftsmanship that you have come to expect from our brands will not change and all product warranties plus Waterford’s Stemware Consumer Confidence Program, Wedgwood’s Promise Program and Royal Doulton’s Royal Assurance Program remain in place as our commitment to your total satisfaction.

Question: How can I learn more about Waterford, Wedgwood and Royal Doulton?
Answer: Internet: www.waterford.com, www.wedgwoodusa.com and www.royaldoultonusa.com



Recent News on Waterford Wedgwood PLC

To Our Valued Customers & Partners:

You may have seen in the media, reports related to the fact that certain segments of the global company that is referred to as Waterford Wedgwood PLC, have been placed into “Administration” or “Receivership”.

This “Administration” or “Receivership” applies only to the UK and Irish based components of Waterford Wedgwood PLC and does not apply to the overseas affiliates of the company. For purposes of this letter, Waterford Wedgwood USA and Royal Doulton USA are not included in this “Administration/Receivership.” In other words, it is “business as usual” in the USA Market.

A point on the terminology of “Administration/Receivership”; Administration is a flexible insolvency process which, amongst other things, enables the Administrator and Receiver (together “the Appointees”) to preserve the business while it is restructured and offered for sale (in some respects the processes are similar to Chapter 11 in the U.S.). For purposes of clarification, in Ireland, the “Receivership” process is broadly the same as “Administration” in the UK. The Appointees are committed to continue trading the businesses while seeking a sale as a going concern. There has already been significant interest in the business and these interested parties are already well advanced in their due diligence process.

We are working diligently with the Appointees to ensure that there is no disruption to our mutual businesses. We feel confident, both in the short and long term that we will be able to continue our partnership with our valued retail customers and consumers in a way befitting the premier tabletop and collectible brands in the USA market.

We will, of course, keep you informed of ongoing developments as the situation is warranted. Your ongoing support of the Waterford, Wedgwood and Royal Doulton Brands is greatly appreciated.

Sincerely Yours,

Lou Scala
President, Wedgwood USA & Royal Doulton USA

Dick Kunkle
Sr. Vice President, Waterford Crystal