'Waterford Fine Crystal', 'description' => 'Waterford fine crystal from Ireland. Choose from our wide selection such as the Abbington, Araglin, Ballymoew, Seahorse and more at discounted prices.', 'keywords' => 'waterford,fine china,crystal,stemware,glassware,open stock, crystallia' ); ?>

Waterford Crystal

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These are just a sampling of the over 125 Waterford product lines we carry at Crystallia, including Waterford Crystal, Waterford Crystal Giftware (barware, bowls, candlesticks, lighting, clocks, desk accessories, frames, table items, holiday ornaments, vases and vanity items), Special Order Stemware, Waterford Crystal Lamps, Waterford Seahorse Collection, Waterford Platinum Collection, Waterford China and the Waterford Special Import China Collection.

Waterford Lighting

Waterford China
Waterford Crystal Marquis Waterford Crystal
Waterford Stemware Snowflake Wishes 2011 Wishes for Joy Ruby Jewels Snowflake Wish Ornament Waterford Christmas