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Displaying your Fine China Dinnerware Collection

Are you searching for the best way in which to display your fine china dinnerware so it can enhance the beauty of your home while showing off your china? If so then keep reading you will find some great ideas on how to display your china.

The most obvious place is in a china cabinet. There are all different kinds of china cabinets that offer protection and will show off your china collection. You can choose a china cabinet with lighting so you can then have the focus on one or two pieces of china as the center point of attention. These cabinets will protect your china from dust and is a great way to have a look but do not touch collection.

When you are searching for a china cabinet for your fine china dinnerware you can choose from various types of wood from light to dark, ones with glass fronts only, or with three sides created with glass. Some china cabinets are created from not only wood but from glass or acrylic. The choice is of course up to you and your budget and if you have children around. Acrylic would be best for families with children, we all know that glass is not a popular item to hold valuables if you have children in the home. Not only is there a chance that the cabinet could be broken, but you will have to contend with small fingerprints all over the cabinet. This means extra cleaning on your part.

Some home are now built with unique kitchen cabinets with glass fronts for displaying fine china dinnerware. These are not very large, but can suit your purpose if you only wish to show off a few pieces.

There are several other places you can show off your fine china dinnerware that many people do not take into consideration. According to what pieces you wish to display, you could create a very nice arraignment of a coffee or teapot with cup and saucers on an end table. A cheese plate with a glass dome would look absolutely awesome in a guest bath. You could add guest soaps and silk flowers under the glass dome placing the cheese plate near the mirror to have a unique and beautiful effect.
Placing small china saucers on top of doilies with perhaps some potpourri for add an aroma and a bit of color to a den or sitting room. You can also use these teacups with a small bit of water and a floating candle. Fill a woven basket with cups and saucers along with lace or crocheted doilies.

If you have a dining room that is not used often by the family, you could enjoy placing your fine china dinnerware on the table more for show than anything else. Place your favorite lace placemats, then the china dinnerware. You could also have the rest of the collection arranged around the table including the 3-tier tray using and placing such things as silk flowers, greenery, and lace napkins. This would be a beautiful way to show off your fine china and decorating your dining room.

Most kitchens have room above the cabinets with just enough room for placing a plate on its side. Here you could use plates with different patterns to create a unique display. Even the top of the refrigerator can be used for larger fine china pieces such as the cake plate and cheese plate with glass dome.

The ideas for decorating with your fine china are endless. Just remember, if you wish to protect your china, it would be best to display it in a china cabinet.